K-3rd gr. Art

Check out the art ideas below.

Create a recycled pulp card that can turn into a plant.


What a great idea. purchase polymer clay at a craft store, use a star cookie cutter, roll out the clay on wax paper, cut out stars, use a pencil or burnished tool and create Van Gogh swirls in the clay, put a hole at the top to attach wire or a string to it later for an ornament. Cook the clay. Follow the directions on the package. Let it cool and use yellow, white and blues to recreate a VanGogh referenced art work. Show students examples of Van Gogh’s art. Have fun.

:-)....LOVE this! Van Gogh Stars!:

Below are a few art videos, but many of these sites are just posts with images for ideas. Some of sites have lesson plans with them but many don’t. As my site grows I will add videos and books to supplement the art projects.  I look forward to creating fun and engaging art projects for your kids. Please follow us at artcub.wordpress.com.

art history with Matisse art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEnPUD5YBlI

Make book marks with the kids below. too cute. Take kid’s photos. Have them reach up. Print out the photos, laminate them, then go to the fabric store and pick up some tassels. too cute!

Photo Bookmarks. He will love these bookmarks! Too fun to see every time he picks up his favorite book. Today we are making a simple gift with a big impact for the book lovers in your life!:


Below- art history integration with the famous artist Kadinsky. use the side of colored pencils or crayons if the oil pastels are too messy.



The Vangogh flowers below can be altered for different grade levels.


Pinterest Ideas below.There are not lesson plans on these two images. just ideas.

Create a Crayon resist turtle watercolor Painting.

First use a pencil, follow the steps below, and create the turtle by following the outline below. Use watercolor paper. After you have drawn the turtle, then color it with crayons and draw in some sea weed. Then wet the entire paper with water. Once the paper is wet apply mostly blue watercolor paint with a little watery green paint. Let the colors mix a little. Let the painting dry a little, not completely, then sprinkle rock salt on it. Now, Let it dry completely over night. take off the salt and the painting will look awesome!


Dr. Suess – Reading Awareness Week

Markers might be easier to use then paint. Don’t forget to find free clip art on the Cat in the Hat and have them pre cut to save time and Popsicle stick, glue and red glitter handy. Save some of the Cat cut outs to tape on to tooth picks and stick them into blue cup cakes. Also, why not create blue, red and white flower vases with blue or red flowers for mom thanking her for reading with the kids.  The kids will love it.


Decorate your room for Dr. Seuss reading days with a few of these art ideas.

Photo 3 of 44: The Cat in the Hat / Birthday "Dr. Seuss" | Catch My Party:   A fun craft project for Read Across America Day! Directions and photos here: http://scarlettapress.blogspot.com/2013/03/happy-read-across-america-day.html#:  dr. suess 1st birthday | Peace Love and Kids: A Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party!:  Dr Seuss Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 34 of 38 | Catch My Party:

Teach kids about Surrealism art or symmetry. Make it simple or complex. This is a great art activity for any age!



Why not show your kids some examples of Pablo Picasso’s work and then create this hand art project below with them. You can also use thumb prints for the pedals on the flowers. Older kids may prefer to draw Picasso’s dove or another reference art print idea of Picasso’s to inspire them to create a similar Picasso, yet original too, art piece making reference to Picasso’s work.


20 Gorgeous Flower Crafts {Crafts for Kids} Paul L. Vitsky, DDS in Fredericksburg, VA @ fredericksburgpediatricdentist.com:

Create Jelly fish using lids from recycled cups— See the video below. This project is great but works best if you purchase Sargeants glitter acrylic glaze with liquid water color dickblick.com carries it and some other arts and crafts shops. You will probably need helpers for the lower grades on this project.


Start collecting totem pole designed clip art for this project below. I think thin cardboard might work better than paper for this project. Let me know  if you make this project and what material works the best. Have fun!

Native American Totem Pole Art Lesson 4th grade Art with Ms. Gram:

Sunflower art for k-3rd grade. teach them art history too by showing  the students the sunflower painting of his sunflowers and iris works.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyqLPRmpioE


Have a fun cartoon day. Show the  kids how easy it is to draw angry birds. Then ask them to express color to represent emotion in the background by creating a separate paper using watercolor paints. Let the watercolor dry, Then cut out the angry bird and glue it onto the dried watercolor paper creation they made.

how to draw angry bird step by step instruction:

Below: Before you create the dragon fly below think about ways to enhamce the drawing using watercolors too. 

Have the students first create a green and blue watercolor painting. keep the watercolor paper wet by spraying it with water before they start or they will get strange unwanted  lines and shapes.  Let the paint flow—-bleed together like water. Lay the painting on a Rubbermaid container or plastic wrap so it doesn’t stick.using plastic wrap to lift up watercolor paintings will save their work!  The next day, when it is dry, add a dragon fly. Use a soft lead pencil so they can erase as needed. Last, use colored chalk to color in the dragon fly. The edges of the watercolor paper may curl. when the watercolor is dry,  put  heavy books on it for a day  and the watercolor painting will start to lay flat the next day.


The kids love these step-by-step drawing tutorials: