Are you looking for art projects for teens, kids, and adults?

Art Cub offers art projects and art news for all:

On this site, we search for the best art projects and news out there on the internet.

ArtCub was designed by Melanie Hernandez, who taught art to grades 1-12th for seven years. She holds a BA in fine arts and a multiple subject teaching credential.

Before she taught art, she taught lower and upper grades in all subject areas. Her favorite subject to teach is art. She believes that teachers need to integrate more of the arts into their curriculum. She created ArtCub in hopes to inspire teachers, youth, and parents to integrate more of the arts into the following areas:

  • after school programs, school curriculum, and into family fun art activities.


This site provides weekly blogs on some of the following topics:

  • Art projects for teachers, youth, and adults
  • inspiring art lessons
  • art news
  • educational websites re: art projects
  • art videos
  • Motivational lessons to inspire art enthusiast.

ArtCub staff hopes that this site will inspire people of all ages to realize the importance of integrating art into classroom curriculum, after school art programs, and family fun art time. We hope you will be a part of our art team and spread the word of the importance of art project integration for all ages.



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