Do you love to draw and write? Have you ever thought about creating a picture book or Children’s book?

Do you love to draw and want to publish your art work?

  1. Do you want to create art books, children’s books, picture books, or help your students create and illustrate a book?

  2. Well, now you can.

  3. KDP Kids’ Book Creator now offers a program to help teachers and students write and illustrate their own children’s books and picture books.

  4. In The blog below  I will review the content and add to the topic of the article

    1. The article above talks about how teachers and students can create their own children’s books and picture books.

    2. The article explains how kids and adults can publish illustrations and write Children’s books online.

    3. The article does a great job explaining the basics of how the program works, but should have a second article on formatting and uploading images.

      1. Loading images, not just the formatting part, on programs like this one and can be a little tricky.

      2. I’d love to see someone create a blog or video just on that topic as an extra component to this video.

    4. Overall the blog is good.

    5. The article explains the following:

    6. In recent years things have changed with the help of this new program called Amazon Kids Book Creator.

    7. This program allows even kids to publish their art work and add in a story line.

    8. Amazon Kids Book Creator is a great place to start if you love to draw and illustrate and want to share your work with others.

    9. It was once difficult to publish and illustrate your drawings and write Children’s books but not now.


  1. There are many amazing writers and illustrators out there so here are some tips to make your work stand out.



  1. Find a topic with high interest

  2. Promote your art on your website

  3. Study your book topic and the area of book content interest

  4. Help your students in these areas

  5. Make sure you have great illustrations

  6. You still have to promote your book.

    1. Use your website to promote it, send out news letters to the parents, and create book signing events and readings at public libraries.

  7. Learn some skills on basic art layout and graphic techniques.

  8. Hire a pro to help if you get stuck on the cover page or on the first few pages.

    1. These pages are the most important pages to entice readers to purchase your book.

    2. Here is a link if you need help.

      1. Illustrator Gallery of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators

    3. If the students are writing just for fun, the goal might not be to sell, so instead focus on creativity and engagement.

      1. Encourage the writing process for communication skill building.

      2. Send home weekly memos to encourage the parents to read the students stories.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please share your comments and what site links you think are helpful to teachers and students who want to publish.

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