4-6th gr. Art

Check out the art ideas below.

Many of these sites are posts with images for ideas.Some of sites have lesson plans with them but many don’t. As my site grows I will add videos and books to supplement the art projects. I look forward to creating fun and engaging art projects for your kids. Please follow us at artcub.wordpress.com.

Why not create a glass type sculpture with your kids or create a mobile out of the these shapes and discuss artists who sculpt shapes like Alexander Calder


The video below shows step by step how to create a portrait pop art tile.


Create a botanical art/science plaster project. http://www.dickblick.com/lesson-plans/easy-outline-botanical-illustration-prints/

You will need plaster fabric cloth from a craft store, plant leaves, a few  bowls of water,  color pencils and water color pencils.

Kids love to create masks. This one looks fun. Save up egg cartons, paint, brushes, dowels, and wood blocks, and create cut outs to attach to the mask. Please share if you make some masks. This looks like fun.

Egg Carton Bird Masks - #sweetpaul #halloween #Mask:


Below: How fun. Why jot create a pendant for the student’s to give to someone for a gift. Purchase some polymer clay at a craft shop, roll out the clay with a rolling pin onto wax paper, If you have a lot of students  cut large  PVC pipe and use it instead of  rolling pins, use a small lid or jewelry  cookie cutter from a craft shop, use a stamp to create the design or free draw a design using a pencil or burnishing tool. Put a small hole at the top to later add in leather string for the necklace.  Cook the clay and paint it. Rub off excess paint to create an antique type finish. Please take photos and share with us your finish projects.

Clay Pendant Necklaces:

Below: Create a glow in the dark velvet painting. Watchbthe fun video below.


The project below is a little harder but it would work in a very small group or if you have a few parent helpers who call the kids up one at a time.


check out this positive and negative space project.



firework art:http://busymommymedia.com/firework-salt-painting/

Salt Painting - This is such a cool project! I love that it only uses a few materials and it looks so fun!:

Surrealism for any age. Make it simple or complex. This is a great art activity for any age!


Batik art:  http://www.dickblick.com/lesson-plans/easy-fabric-batik-with-glue/


Create a Cat using Printmaking techniques.

You don’t have to save old foam boxes for this project.

You can pick up small foam sheets at dickblick.com or from a  craft store. The trick to this project is,  draw the desired design onto the foam board, but then make sure you press really hard and go over the design several times with a pen or embossing tool. Next use a printing ink and roll the ink onto your foam stamp creation you made. Now, put your design upside down and press it onto a paper just like using a stamp, but a little messier. Try to make your cat a little different than everyone elses cat, so it’s a little unique.


Styrofoam carry-out containers make great printing blocks for art lessons. | 31 Clever And Inexpensive Ideas For Teaching Your Child At Home:


Create a mosaic using self hardening clay. 


Learn how to create paper engravings.  FoLlow the video below.


Teach students about symmetry using art radial balance, and why not integrate in math.




Are ypu teaching your kids about animals that live by the ocean? Why not create some ocean animals tomalong with your study. Add a watercolor ocean scene behind the puffin in the upper grades.



draw puffin: