7th gr.- adult art ideas

Check out the great art ideas and videos below.

How to shade video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExRRHY9wT6Q


The video below gives more step by step pencil shading.




Add some creative abstract ideas to the eye above by using the image reference idea below that I found on Pinterest. Use colored pencils,  crayons, or chalk pastel. Try a few mediums— using the above video as a guide.

oh this reminds me of stuff i like to draw! i am inspired to try an eye like this!:

Below: How fun. Why jot create a pendant for the student’s to give to someone for a gift. Purchase some polymer clay at a craft shop, roll out the clay with a rolling pin onto wax paper, If you have a lot of students  cut large  PVC pipe and use it instead of  rolling pins, use a small lid or jewelry  cookie cutter from a craft shop, use a stamp to create the design or free draw a design using a pencil or burnishing tool. Put a small hole at the top to later add in leather string for the necklace.  Cook the clay and paint it. Rub off excess paint to create an antique type finish. Please take photos and share with us your finish projects.

Clay Pendant Necklaces:





Create a Watercolor Mother’s Day Card

First cut the watercolor paper into small sheets that can be glued onto a card made out of construction paper. Pick the colors you will choose to create your card. Refer to a  color wheel and pick three colors that look good together on the color wheel. This works well when painting flowers. Draw a flower using an embossing tool. Then put glue on top of the lines. watch for my upcoming books on this project and others  that will show more detailed steps on how to create watercolor paintings and more.

Distress Watercolor Dry Embossing:

Create a mosaic using self hardening clay or using bisque techniques (see the video below). You can create a simple tile mosaics— like the one below or an advanced mosaic. Watch the video for several examples  from beg-adv levels. Great project!

Learn how to create art by using paper engraving techniques below.



Surrealism for any age. Make it simple or complex. This is a great art activity for any age!


Below. Take a portrait– photo of yourself, a friend, or a family member.Even your favorite pet will work.  Enlarge the picture. copy it and abstract the main lines. Next, create shapes in the portrait. Use one color with black and white or use two neighbor colors on the color wheel that look good together.  Show the kids a few examples of Picasso’s portraits before they start. Students may want to make copies of their originals before they start just in case they mess up. Have fun.


Art Ed Central loves: That Little Art Teacher: Picasso faces oil pastel:


Below: Teach students about symmetry using art radial balance, and why not integrate in math.