About me

ArtCub was designed by Melanie Hernandez, who taught for over fourteen years to grades 1-12th   (For 7 years she taught all subjects mostly in the  middle and upper grades and 7 years she taught fine arts 1-12th grade).

She holds a BA in fine arts from the University of California Riverside (background in general education- liberal studies, fine arts and art history).  She also has a multiple subject  teaching credential along with a degree in Liberal Studies. She is currently working on a Multimedia art certificate to update her skills in this area that is being integrated into all of the school’s art programs.

Her favorite subject to teach is art-almost all areas of art (painting, drawing, photography, sculpting, ceramics, and soon multimedia).  She believes that teachers need to integrate more of the arts into their curriculum. She created ArtCub in hopes to inspire teachers, youth, and parents to integrate more of the arts into the following areas:

  • after school programs, school curriculum, and into family fun art activities.