Do you know of any art teachers or parents that want to introduce their kids or students to art and art history?

  While searching for great art material for kids, I found this blog: The blog had an article called: 21 PICTURE BOOKS ABOUT ART  This article reviews art and art history books for younger audiences. These books integrate some of the following topics related to art: great art that integrates art history into story lines…

Here are some interesting Mashable and StumbleUpon plus articles that I commented on. What do you think about these articles?

Article 1 Artist’s Toolbox: 30+ Places to Promote Your Art Who is the audience for this article? Artists What does the author claim? (What questions does the author pose?) Artists will benefit from these sites and be able to show their work on many social media platforms. Will Artists take advantage of these sites…

Are you looking for art projects for teens, kids, and adults?

Art Cub offers art projects and art news for all: On this site, we search for the best art projects and news out there on the internet. ArtCub was designed by Melanie Hernandez, who taught art to grades 1-12th for seven years. She holds a BA in fine arts and a multiple subject teaching credential….

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  Artcub offers art lesson for every grade level Art lessons for k-12th grade Arts and Craft lessons for adults, teens, and kids  links to Art sites for advanced students  suggestion and communications areas to post art, events, contests, and suggestions