My Pins

Check out my pins and step by step portrait drawing ideas at portrait drawing social media pins. Would you like to learn how to draw portraits? If so, check out my site above and the sites below.

Below are even more pin examples related to how to draw step by step portrait art (level-upper grade and adults-but this can vary). Scroll down for the links.

drawing eyes

eyes step by stepdb8101b7fba32794bc4871fd545de5b5ear drawing1e11b2c3a6bff6d0c1a2bd64f9e3f6df lipsdrawing736fd2bef9765011e6e351fbcf57f8f6nosee1ed369c0a5f12625a2e8072ae0e3134 portrait4435a3f232e3a307df58061bb9b12f4a


2. Portrait step by step below

3. Mouth step by step

4. Drawing the eyes step by step below

5.   Drawing ears step by step






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